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Life always had a deeper meaning for me, some try to find answers through Karma or Gyan or Bhakti, so I too walked that path and along the way when I was very young I discovered the subject Astrology and since then it's been a long and gratifying journey where slowly but surely the secrets of life were revealed to me via the 9 planets in the universe.

I have been studying and practicing this subject for the last 10 yrs.
I would like to thank my Divine Guru Shirdi Saibaba first and   
then Mr. K N Rao, Taranji, and late Capt. Kanuga for there blessings.

The 9 planets are Sun, Mars, Saturn (malefic) Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury (benefices) and Rahu-Ketu which actually are eclipse points, that plays a very important karmic part in our destiny.
Each planet has been assigned a job and they perform it objectively, in other words “what we sow so shall we reap". So never blame the planets or lament during the tough times but instead analyze our actions that will help us in becoming better human beings.
I have been practicing Vedic Astrology for the last 10 years and can tell you all with great conviction that this divine science can guide us whenever the need arises as has been proven to me time and again when I have got positive and satisfying feed back from my clients.
You may ask questions regarding:
Love relations
Marital problems or timing of marriage
Jobs and Service
Travel and Immigration

Local: This applies only for people residing in BOMBAY, you may contact me on 98198 60306(mobile) for personal appointments.
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